1st blog

Its another day today.

Time really passes fast when you have something to do. For me, blogging. For those who have nothing to do,you will tend to feel bored.

Actually one of my reasons for creating a blog is also to kill time.

Today is a Wednesday. Some might wonder. What to do on a typical Wednesday?😕 I got an idea,how about Wetnesday? Wet Wednesday. Go out for a swim or a water party. Its so hot. Lets be creative.

I feel it is beneficial for bloggers to also hang outdoors to enjoy and gain experience. With experience, blogs will be more specific, more content and a more wide and interesting description.

Writing blogs kill time, but when you are writing a blog, it is recommended you feel happy and enthusiastic. If you regard blogging as an obligation, you will not have the mood to write and it will make your blog turn out boring and uninteresting. This is what I feel.

If you were to ask me. What makes you think I care about your life and your opinion? My reply is a sentence: “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.” It means that how you see things with your eyes isn’t really how the author sees it in his heart. In my heart, I see it as a platform to either save my thoughts for people who are interested or to get to know other new bloggers who can share their opinions with me.


Life is full of colours. There is a lot of events you will experience and there are a variety of things you can do. It is whether you are willing to take the trouble to think hard what is best to be done now. Boredom is when you do nothing or when you consistently do the same thing all over again.

Enjoy your Wednesdays,got to go now☺. Bye.


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