Love wins with a rainbow

What?! Couples of the same gender are allowed to legally have marriage in any states of America. I would never want to engage with any person of the same gender. It seems very inappropriate and unusual. I would even call it useless and unethical.

Lawyers that agree that same sex gender marriage should be legal,said:

1. Decisions about marriage are among the most intimate a person can make.

2. It supports a two person being united and the importance of the commitment of an individual.

3. Same sex couples have the same right as opposite sex couples to enjoy intimate relationship. It is not against the law to not give birth to kids for a male and female marriage. Thus, the same obligation should be legal too.

4. Protecting the right to marry safeguards children and family from drawing meaning from rights of education, childrearing and procreation.

5. Marriage is a keystone of the nation’s social order and its demeaning to lock same sex couples out of an institution of the society.

The lawyers who opposed to same gender marriage said :

1. Gay marriage is harmful to families and disruptive to the longstanding order of the American society

2. A couple of two different genders has evolved in the law for thousands of years. Yet suddenly there are only 9 people outside the ballot box to change the configuration.

Based on the 2nd point, I feel that it should be liable for the right of the whole population of America to vote.

I feel that the claims and arguments on why there should be gay and lesbian couples are convincing but I would recommend that there is another law where children get to choose if they want to have same gender parents.

But I guess “Love Wins”. Its true in the eyes of the nation that love with consent really triumphs the eyes of the law. A less law is one more privilege so I am happy for the Americans.

Now we see a lot of rainbow around these few days.


Love is powerful to be colourful and I do not doubt that.

What’s your take?


One thought on “Love wins with a rainbow

  1. I must say I’m quite impressed that you’re actually into such issues in the 21st century, whereby most agree that it is only ethical to grant freedom to aspects such as mutual love. As a child of God and for other practical reasons , I’m certainly against LGBT in the far run, wouldn’t bother listing the reasons here considering how they can be non-exhaustive.
    I may not know much about you via instagram, but I’m safe to say that a young man like you who are upfront and genuine with your words, will grow into a fine man in future. Continue polishing your literary skills and sensitivity to words, Ryan! 🙂 Be who you truly are, but don’t let it defined by your ego.


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