Monthly Archives: November 2015


see the lack of clarity in what comes before me. Life gives me full of opportunitues, but yet it also takes away some valuable things from me.   

Love life or hate life? Thank life or blame life? I honestly don’t have an answer. Many people say they are grateful for the opportunities offered to them. However, they seem to lead a miserable life. Several humans lie to themselves and that’s why they fail to find happiness or peace. Therefore, I am not going to lie to myself and face life as it is.

Some have told me that I do not accept my mistakes. I ever said that they don’t accept me for who I am but somebody told me that I do not accept myself for who I am. It’s true, that sounds negative. If you are contented and satisfied, usually there won’t be drastic improvement in who you want to be. But with acceptance from other people, it encourages me to do better overtime.

Yes, I do things to impress people. Sometimes I really wonder if that’s what I want. Impressing people doesn’t mean that there won’t be slight disadvantages. I do things to make people happy, but it is usually not what I want. This is really miserable…honestly.

I am afraid of myself, seriously. I don’t know my limits but yet I am saying like as if I can accomplish something that I find unlikely will happen. I said that I don’t wish to lie to myself but I find that I am actually lying to myself. Maybe…I just can’t differentiate myself from who I truly am anymore.