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Twelve Cupcakes

Sometimes between lunch and dinner you might feel like having a break. Have cupcakes. Nope,I am not going to have a food baking blog now. Most people tend to feel tired in the middle of the day. Having a recipe of how to bake cupcakes will only make you feel more fatigue.


Yes Twelve Cupcakes…the name isn’t really engaging but you will love it. Are you ready for the surprise? 3,2,1 and the box opens…


Oh yummy! Look at the cream and the toppings. Actually I would call it 3 cupcakes because I only bought 3. Haha.

Let’s start with the middle cupcake,also the bestseller,Chocolate Cupcake topped with Oreo Buttercream,doesn’t it sound mouth-watering?

Left or right? I think I should continue with the left cupcake as it is the least decorated. That is called the Vanilla Cupcake topped with Cream Cheese and rainbow rice. It may not be very appetizing but…”The plainest and the simplest is always the finest.” So never judge a cupcake by its looks. It tasted better than what I expected. The cream cheese was sweeter than I thought,I thought it was sour(laughs).

At the utmost right,there is the Vanilla Cupcake with Chocolate Buttercream topped with Kinder-Bueno. My eyes were glaring at it and the next moment I gobbled it up. It was so delicious that adrenaline rushed up my nerves. This is limited edition though,so this is a must-try.

Twelve Cupcakes is only located in Singapore, Malaysia,Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Japan and China. If you live in these 8 countries,what are you waiting for? Try those cupcakes yourself, I believe you’ll love it. Those not living in these 8 countries, when you ever come to these places, you got to try the cupcakes in this company.

Time for cupcakes. Yay!


*Not the cupcakes that I was mentioning about