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Christmas in 2015


*picture of my shopping bag

     If you wish to shop with more peace and tranquility, its advisable to do it this Christmas! Realise the desperation of Singaporeans during the GSS (Great Singapore Sale). Almost every branded shop will be so packed its almost impossible for me to take a breath. Likewise, there are sales during Christmas, but not as many stalls offer discounts on products.

       Basically during Christmas I don’t really face that much of a crowd…so I don’t get frustrated at all. Yeap I have a temper and I might just stomp away awkwardly anytime I am displeased. I am not trying to say I feel “displeased” as the quality of products are bad but waiting for a long time just for an item is just ridiculous for me.

     I guess I was very wise to shop at Orchard Road and then conveniently enjoy the scenery of lights shining all over me. I decided to buy a new bag as my old one wasn’t really in a good condition.


*new bag wrapped in plastic           
      As they said, the finest quality. Obviously the plastic crumples easily so it doesn’t look so attractive. But I promise when I open the plastic this bag looks stunning. This is my first bag from Herschel’s Supply and I just used it. Its very comfortable. Below are the pictures of the bag in different angles…





     The brown strap design on the bag is unique in a sense that it can be carried around not only in school but in casual events. Let my imagination run wild. These types if bags sort of gives rise to almost any “atmosphere” and stands out among the rest.

     To close the bag, you don’t have to zip it. Just attach the strap magnets together. How convenient when you’re rushing for time!


     Its much more amazing that I can slot a 13-inch laptop into the bag. There’s not a need for me to hold the laptop in two hands everywhere I go. Thus I can easily hold a drink and enjoy it whenever I head out with my laptop.


     Although many say that a bag over a hundred dollars is considered expensive, I think this product is indeed worth the money. Sadly, there wasn’t any sale on this bag but never mind. Enjoy your Christmas holidays!



see the lack of clarity in what comes before me. Life gives me full of opportunitues, but yet it also takes away some valuable things from me.   

Love life or hate life? Thank life or blame life? I honestly don’t have an answer. Many people say they are grateful for the opportunities offered to them. However, they seem to lead a miserable life. Several humans lie to themselves and that’s why they fail to find happiness or peace. Therefore, I am not going to lie to myself and face life as it is.

Some have told me that I do not accept my mistakes. I ever said that they don’t accept me for who I am but somebody told me that I do not accept myself for who I am. It’s true, that sounds negative. If you are contented and satisfied, usually there won’t be drastic improvement in who you want to be. But with acceptance from other people, it encourages me to do better overtime.

Yes, I do things to impress people. Sometimes I really wonder if that’s what I want. Impressing people doesn’t mean that there won’t be slight disadvantages. I do things to make people happy, but it is usually not what I want. This is really miserable…honestly.

I am afraid of myself, seriously. I don’t know my limits but yet I am saying like as if I can accomplish something that I find unlikely will happen. I said that I don’t wish to lie to myself but I find that I am actually lying to myself. Maybe…I just can’t differentiate myself from who I truly am anymore.


1st blog

Its another day today.

Time really passes fast when you have something to do. For me, blogging. For those who have nothing to do,you will tend to feel bored.

Actually one of my reasons for creating a blog is also to kill time.

Today is a Wednesday. Some might wonder. What to do on a typical Wednesday?😕 I got an idea,how about Wetnesday? Wet Wednesday. Go out for a swim or a water party. Its so hot. Lets be creative.

I feel it is beneficial for bloggers to also hang outdoors to enjoy and gain experience. With experience, blogs will be more specific, more content and a more wide and interesting description.

Writing blogs kill time, but when you are writing a blog, it is recommended you feel happy and enthusiastic. If you regard blogging as an obligation, you will not have the mood to write and it will make your blog turn out boring and uninteresting. This is what I feel.

If you were to ask me. What makes you think I care about your life and your opinion? My reply is a sentence: “Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eyes.” It means that how you see things with your eyes isn’t really how the author sees it in his heart. In my heart, I see it as a platform to either save my thoughts for people who are interested or to get to know other new bloggers who can share their opinions with me.


Life is full of colours. There is a lot of events you will experience and there are a variety of things you can do. It is whether you are willing to take the trouble to think hard what is best to be done now. Boredom is when you do nothing or when you consistently do the same thing all over again.

Enjoy your Wednesdays,got to go now☺. Bye.



I think I should emphasize on my motive for creating this blog before I even introduce myself. A description of a person(example: personal qualifications,household income) does not define character. And it is more unlikely that people will judge you based on your slight description. The saying “Never judge a book by its cover”. In this scenario, “book” is important because it refers to what you do and what you say,that is why books are thick and wide; while “cover” is not so important, not saying it is not important at all,its just a few details compared to a wide and thick book, therefore judging by a cover makes the judgement very inaccurate and irrelevant.

The reason why I created this blog was because I wanted to share some of my experiences, joke around and most importantly, interest the audience. This blog is meant to be fun and stress relieving.

Okay let me start with my “cover”

My name is Ryan.

Full name: Ryan Chan Yong

I am born on 11 November 2001. I am a Singaporean. I am a person with wide varieties.

I love to write,please don’t laugh at my grammatical and spelling mistakes. (laughs) I am not writing a formal letter or an essay for an English examination. I am writing an informal blog that as long it is understandable its okay. My writing is like a magazine style.

I love luxuries and money. Formula in my mind : Luxuries=Money. I gotta admit I boast and show off a lot. But everybody has their own flaws and now I have a life. I feel life is when we change and improve our flaws. So I feel we should live our lifes to the fullest.

I like photography. Taking photographs is like capturing the moments in life. That is one example by what I mean by “live our lifes to the fullest”.

I also like music. I hear sounds everyday. If a voice in me can soothe the hearts of people,why not?😊 I am not very good at singing but I practise everyday,I sing to myself everyday. But as the saying goes: “Practise makes perfect”. I prefer pop and rhythm&blues. Some of my favourite singers include Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

I also love food. One of it is ice creams,but of course brand must be famous lah.(laughs). Oops…Sorry for my Singlish.

Below is a picture of me before indulging in that ice cream with waffle……You can see how “desperate” or a “maniac” I am towards this dessert. So foodies, you have to feel lucky if I am not eating you up because I have a sweet tooth and have a great appetite. I show no mercy……Murhahaha!😈


I have social media accounts where you can follow me if you are interested

Facebook : Ryan Chan Yong

Twitter : Chan39Ryan

Instagram: @ryanchanyong

For inquiries,you can email me at you can comment on my blog. I will try to reply or get back to you as soon as possible. I am not on Internet 24/7, so please be patient as “Patience is a virtue”.

After I have now written about 500 plus words, I guess I have to end what I have to say before you become bored. But I hope you like my blog and if you like it, please support me by following me.

Thank you.