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D’Resort @ Downtown East

Last week*

” Dad, can I go to the new chalet to have an experience. It just opened on 1st July. Please? ”

” Son, its possible but I will need to at least know where it is located right? ”

” Of course! Its located at D’Resort at Downtown East area. There is a mall and a water theme park (Wild Wild Wet). ”

“Fine then,son. Let’s go there. From Thursday to Monday. ”

” Yes! Thank you dad. ”

At the lobby of the resort


From the window of the lobby


Then we walked down the stairs. But the photos below are *taken at night*



We then walked to our chalet. The walkway look


Loved it there. I am not going to say anything further. Go there and have a relaxing and fun experience. Remember to bring your friends and family. Sharing is caring.